The person who says something is impossible
should not interrupt the person who is doing it

—Chinese proverb

About Us


Atheneos Capital is a San Francisco Bay Area based healthcare focused evergreen incubator fund dedicated to identifying and nurturing high quality, high risk (and potentially) game changing healthcare companies previously in the large indications area and going forward focusing on orphan drugs and rare diseases space.


How we plan to execute this goal?

Rapid identification, funding and translating ideas into products useful to providing healthcare to people through investorpreneurship.

What is investorpreneurship?

Start companies with an initial investment from entrepreneur-managed funds and angels (and later attract large institutional private equity investments usually a single financing round to exit) to develop high quality potentially game-changing early stage projects and nurture them to exit.

Funds currently under management:

Atheneos Healthcare Private Equity Fund I, L.P.
(Inaugural fund)




“The word impossible is not in my dictionary.” - Napoleon Bonaparte